A “Rinse and Repeat” digital lifecycle

Rinse and repeat: It’s about the long game

We’ve developed this digital marketing lifecycle in response to a “quick fix – short win” tendency we found with some of the brands we’ve engaged with in the past. We believe in a long game that also shows solid results early on. Yet, it’s the big gains we are after and we encourage our clients to do the right things good and thorough. This process takes time.

Don’t let the “website guys” sit on data that could help you understand your audience.

The key here is interpreting of data instead of working on personal assumptions. We often here “I don’t tink Instagram will work” or “People will not read it anyway”. Sure, but does the data support it? Behind every newsletter, blogpost, social media ad campaign, website refresh, and Google ad you’ll find data that tells a story. Often this data get lost between the “website guys” and the marketing manager. This digital lifecycle is as much about the current content, as it is a research experiment in motion. Every activity is a test that gives you a clue about the people you are talking to and the way you are talking.

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