The top digital marketing trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

By Nicola Andreas, Stories & Science

There has been an exponential rate at which technology has advanced specifically over the past couple of years. The internet especially has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has shaped the way we communicate–transforming relations within the workplace, political relations and how we socially interact on a daily basis.

The importance of digital marketing for small to medium business cannot be overstated. Those who keep up to date and stay on top of digital trends, will set their brands up for success, by remaining relevant to your customers build a loyal, engaging tribe of passionate customers. 

1. Mobilification

Mobile is where it’s at. An example would be to take a look at someone who is sitting alone at a restaurant. More than often you will see them on their phones rather than just staring into blank space. It is the same if you are standing in a long line or waiting in a queue, generally more than half  are all on their mobile phones. This growing trend means businesses need to implement a mobile strategy to ensure the content on their website looks equally good if not better on mobile.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

2. The new art of storytelling

Social media “stories” have become incredibly popular on all social media platforms. The idea of individuals being able to capture their best moments of the day for their followers to see live and in the moment has created a new sense of virtual reality. Move your content strategy away from announcements to telling stories. Turn your tweets into tales and your posts in poetry. Show the world your view on life and what your brand stand for. Take people behind the scenes and let them connect with the heart and soul of your company.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

3. Videos

Social video engagement has become a key marketing tool for online users as it engages users while delivering entertaining informative content. Youtube viewers for example watch a billion hours of video each day. Videos are a great way to easily catch users attention. This can help increase brand awareness, and the quality of your content. By playing live content and adding features like animation it can help capture your brand’s message in a really playful way, helping one create content that customers can directly relate to.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

4. Location based marketing

Through new applications, brands are able to see when and how consumers are engaging with their brands. As more people are using their mobile phones, marketers are able to track consumers location, and therefore direct specific user related content.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

5. Chatbots

“Chatbots” or instant messaging is a powerful online tool created for “live” customer support and feedback. Chatbots are easy ways for customers to get instantaneous feedback about queries asked. It is helpful, as one can easily rectify any issues or problems one-on-one with customers. This will help improve customer service, and once again your relations with your customers.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018