Inspired by Design

Inspired by Design

Another project is done and dusted: A WordPress website for a commercial interior design startup.

Liezel Joubert approached us end of May 2016 after a frustrating meeting with an agency who wanted her “to go big”. She inherited Living on Main, an interior design business, from a dear friend who sadly passed away in 2015. Liezel wanted to honour the legacy, yet take the business on a new path.

After listening to her vision for Living on Main, we decided that a simple, yet beautiful WordPress website will lay the best foundation for her to reposition her business.

As a working mother of four, she wanted the website to speak on her behalf, without making outlandish promises and claims. She wanted an honest and creative platform to showcase her current projects, portfolio and design ideas.

The website was built to speak to her potential clients: wine farms, medical practitioners, small investment firms and other professionals in her immediate surroundings.

When the project started, Liezel had limited photos of her work and the branding of the business was outdated. This kickstarted a creative rebranding process. She brought in the services of a graphic designer and asked Stories & Science to facilitate a creative brainstorming session. In hindsight, this exercise early on was like a vitamin B shot for the project. It helped us connect with the essence of her vision for her business and it helped her to put into words and photos the images that lived in her creative mind.

To date, Liezel had two projects behind her name. This was obviously a challenge, because we wanted the website to reflect a range of diverse design projects. The easy way out of this, was to use stock images that resonate with her design philosophy. For this, we directed her to a great open source platform where photographers and other creatives upload their work in HD format, free to use. Check it out, it’s truly awesome.

As we set out on this path, Liezel took a bold step that directed the project in a much better direction.

She cleared out her home garage, brought in the services of a professional photographer and experimented with a range of design mockups. This helped us to build a site that is truly “Liezel”. We decided to be honest about how these mockup images will live on the site. When browsing through the design portfolio, the visitor of the site will quickly understand that some albums are a showcase of her design ideas and others a showcase of her actual design work.

The project was completed within the timeframe. Liezel was a responsive client, who regularly gave us feedback. Her reliability and quick response to emails helped us stay on track.

  • Wordpress Theme


  • Duration

    10 June – 27 July

  • Total team hours


  • What we learned

    If you create a safe space for creative listening at the start of a project it will help the process a lot. If possible, increase your budget to capture beautiful images that are unique and a true reflection of your business. Keep the client in the know at all times. Online tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox will allow real time participation between service providers, freelancers and the client.

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