What we do

Digital Strategy

We find the best ways to tell your story to the audience it deserves. Not every brand needs a Facebook page, not all newsletters are equal and your all new website does not necessarily give you an edge over your competitor. We will help you align your digital activities with your brand’s ethos, values, and strategy. Our digital audit will give you an in-depth understanding of not only your company’s digital marketing, but also a clear picture of what your competitors are doing and what latest technological developments will suit your strategy best.

Research & Analytics

Yes it’s awesome, but did it work? With the internet as our lab, we crunch the data and find needles in haystacks. With solid research, we help you understand what is happening behind the scenes of your business’ digital marketing.


What do you want to share with the world? We help you find your voice in a crowded and noisy landscape. We believe every business has a story to tell. With a wide experience in linguistics; cultural exegesis, hermeneutics, editing; copywriting and creative content management we love being hands on with this part of the process.

Project Management

We manage all your digital communication projects until they are done. Whether it’s the overhaul of your old website, running ad campaigns, creating your social media content, growing your digital audience or getting the word out about all that you are up to, we are able to handle a diverse set of project management challenges.